fixing a missing terminfo

when you ssh to a server and it doesnt know your terminal...

sometimes when you ssh to a remote machine, you see something like this:

fish: Konnte Terminal nicht einrichten
fish: Check that your terminal type, 'xterm-termite', is supported on this system
fish: Attempting to use 'ansi' instead

and maybe the terminal behaves a bit funky - things like lines not displayed correctly when browsing the shell history.

the reason for this could be the missing terminfo entry for your terminal.

get the missing shell from the error message, or by running echo $TERM on your local machine.

on arch, the missing file is in /lib/terminfo/.

just copy the file over to the remote machine:

scp /lib/terminfo/x/xterm-termite user@host:/lib/terminfo/x/xterm-termite  

and login again.

Last modified 2020.02.16