a super simple bed frame

This is a quick one.

I just wanted something to put my slatted frames on, so that my vacuum cleaner can clean under the bed as well.

Since the long sides of my slotted frames are already pretty stable, basically some wooden beams at the ends would be enough, but why not at least connect them somehow, so you can move the whole thing around.

After i checked what kind of beams the closest hardware store has, a quick sketch of what i wanted looked like this:

screenshot from tinkercad. the frame resembles an “H”, and transparent slotted frames and a mattress fit right on.

So i just went and got them…

‘some wooden beams on a cargo bike’

And put everything together. In the center, i just added some screws with washers, to keep the slotted frames in place.

the built bed frame, an “H” made from wooden beams. one of two slotted frames is put on the left half, the other side is empty. you can see a screw with some washers at each end, to keep the frames in place.

And this is what it looks like in the end. :)

the same thing, but with the other slotted frame and a matress on top. :)

Last modified 2024.06.08